Paradigm Consultants, Inc.
9980 West Sam Houston Parkway South
Suite 500
Houston, Texas 77099
713.686.6771 Tel
713.686.6795 Fax

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Paradigm Offices as of December 2011
9980 West Sam Houston Parkway, Suite 500, Houston, TX, 77099

"Paradigm- That to which others are compared"

Paradigm Consultants, Inc is a Houston-based consulting firm providing services for both private and public clients. Our services include:

Our Statement of Qualifications can be viewed in blue tab titled "What We Do".

Founded in 1995 by Woodward (Woody) L. Vogt and Brent Lapsley, Paradigm Consultants, Inc has been recognized for their professional staff and their service oriented philosophy. Their mission is to help invest the client´s time and money in the most effective and efficient way possible. This mission is accomplished though the company´s technical knowledge and experience which help produce sage, efficient designs, avoid and resolve construction problems and delays, and resolve disputes quickly and equitably. It is because of the success at completing this mission that the company has been awarded:

The term Paradigm was chosen to symbolize the perspective and commitment to highly responsive, personally attentive and conscientious service based on ethical conduct, reliability, technical knowledge and competence.


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A2LA Accredited
Paradigm is an A2LA accredited organization in both Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing services

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